Undocumented Human Colorado Crypto Tour 2016


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Oct 10th – Leave Arizona
Oct 13th – Arrive in Colorado
Oct 19th – Liberty on the Rocks CO
Oct 21-22 Crypto Cannabis Conference
Oct 31st – Liberty Lodge Halloween party

Other adventures:
Meet and Greets
Joby Weeks
Amagi Metals – Jillian Batty
Jay Noone and Sarah Martocchio

Things You will learn about if attending one of our event:
Crypto Currencies, Including Bitcoin and Dash
Trail of Anarchy
Seasteading Nomads
Where we plan to go next, including the Free D.C. event, followed by the For the Community event in Houston.

I will also be sharing my experience with the creation of Agorist Marketplace. Jackalope Freedom Festival, and how we chose to not enter our child into the slave market.