Undocumented Human Bitcoin Tour Part Deux


The Undocumented Human Bitcoin Tour is headed to the rethinking everything conference. We need your help to get our family on the road. We have an opportunity to put our son in a home, rather then traveling to events in our jeeps. Setting up tents verses pulling over is two different lifestyles, and since we want to continue traveling, we would like a mor perminent situation. We have a generous offer of $2500 to get us started, meaning we only need $1000 more to make the RV purchase.

Where we stay now in our temporary RV trailer, we can view our future home just down the hill, on the neighbors property. Manifesting this reality is on my mind every day.

After our our return from California of an unsuccessful “in the air” sale of a soda pop shop collection. If it does ever go through we will have enough to finance the building of structures on our two acres in unincorporated Concho, AZ. Until then we ask the liberty community for help to continue on our journey.

We we are planning a big tour from Porcfest to Jackalope next year, meaning there will be many stops along the way, and many opportunities to educate other people about bitcoin, living in the counter economy, and unschooling. While creating an experience for our son, that documented humans don’t normally get.




Thanks for your support. Please share these memes with your network. This is a grassroots fundraising effort.


Bitcoin with Davi Barker

Davi Barker Bitcoin Not Bombs

On our bitcoin tour, we met up with Davi Barker from Bitcoin not Bombs, the Muslim Agorist, and Shiny Badges. We spoke about bitcoin security, and how to store bitcoin safely.

We learned how important it is to not access the email associated with your bitcoin wallet from an open WiFi source. When attending events, it is smart to use your own WiFi, hotspot, internet connection, instead of a public WiFi. Hackers have somehow been able to steal information that is entered while using a public WiFi connection. If remembering not to enter passwords is hard, it would make sense to use an email account that is not linked to your wallet. Storing your bitcoin directly on your computer rather then using other internet sources, is also a much safer way to protect your finances.

Davi hooked us up with some more A^3 pins, so if you are interested in owning one, you can find us at the Bitcoin Summit, or the Texas Bitcoin Conference. I also purchased the new Bitcoin not Bombs t-shirt for the current hoodie the homeless campaign. If you are interested in supporting the campaign you can find out more info at www.bitcoinnotbombs.com.

Please support our trip by donating to our fundraiser.

Press Release: “Undocumented Human” Bitcoin Tour


“Undocumented Human” Bitcoin Tour

Mesa Arizona, Feb 17, 2015: The Undocumented Human Bitcoin Tour, will include stops in Mesa, Arizona, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, California and Austin, Texas. The tour will be promoting the use of Bitcoin for the next generation. Alma Sommer and Brian Stith are both new parents to Baby Neo, who was born October 17th 2014. He is an Undocumented Human. Neo was born free and as such is not required to have a birth Certificate or Social Security number. Neo’s parents are freedom activists and support the idea that an individual does not require any papers to be free.

Brian is an Agorist Electrician and Alma is a full time mommy, retired cell tower designer and long time activist. The family of three will head out from Arizona this Tuesday February 17th, 2015. The first stop is in L.A. where they plan to grab a bite to eat and stay the night.

While in L.A., they plan to meet with Adam Kokesh, a big supporter of Freedom. He recently wrote the book “Freedom“. Upon meeting up with the family they intend to connect with people in the community to educate them on all the benefits of using Bitcoin.

Their decision to take their son on the road will be to encourage a future where he and others will be able to find work when needed, a place to stay, a cold drink and some warm food, all without having to use the dreaded federal reserve note.

After L.A. the family will be headed to Santa Cruz to meet local Bitcoin activists and agorists alike.

You can follow Neo and his families adventure at www.undocumentedhuman.com

Destinations include:

Alma Sommer / Brian Stith Undocumented Human Bitcoin Tour
(480) 861-6070