Press Release “Undocumented Human Crypto Tour” 2016 cont.

Chino Valley Arizona, August 29th, 2016: The Undocumented Human family leaves Arizona today, this crypto tour takes them to Alabama for the Rethinking Everything Conference.

The family has been very busy this year. In June, they drove to Austin in their ’86 Winnebago “Not Yet”, to retrofit the bus in time for the fifth annual Jackalope Freedom Festival. The Blush family owners of Brave New Books in Austin Texas, raised the funds by attaining sponsors. They were finally able to create the home of their dreams, and get their bus road ready for travel. The Blush family has toured four times doing crypto only tours. They are an inspiration to all activists. All eyes were trained on the bus as it entered Jackalope.

While retrofitting the bus, the Undocumented Human family created a proposal for the network to vote on. The proposal included the sponsorship of the fifth annual Jackalope Freedom Festival. Part of the proposal included the rebranding of the Winnebago to the Dash Mobile. The proposal passed and since Jackalope Alma and Brian and baby Neo have been sanding and painting and getting stickers made. Their hope while on the crypto tour, is to empower other families to live a more free life by accepting crypto currencies.

You can follow Neo and his families adventure at

Destinations include:

Northern Arizona
Northern New Mexico
Albilene Texas
Somewhere in MO
Rethinking Everything Conference Alabama
Alma Sommer / Brian Stith Undocumented Human Crypto Tour
(480) 861-6070        


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