Press Release: “Undocumented Human” Builds First Ever Sapioponic Greenhouse


“Undocumented Human” Builds the first Sapioponic Greenhouse with Adam Kokesh and Macey Tomlin.

Ash Fork Arizona, April 10th, 2016: A year after The Undocumented Human Bitcoin Tour, that included stops in Arizona, California, and Texas, promoting the use of Bitcoin for the next generation, the family has decided to build a homestead. Alma Sommer and Brian Stith, baby Neo’s parents, have settled into a little community known as Juniperwood Arizona. Neo entered the world October 17th 2014 at a hospital, as an Undocumented Human. Neo was born free and as such is not required to have a birth Certificate or Social Security number. Neo’s parents are freedom activists and support the idea that an individual does not require any papers to be free.

Brian is an Agorist Electrician and Alma is a full time mommy, retired cell tower designer and long time activist. The family now a year later, has gone full time in their ’86 Winnebago and they are living off grid with Adam Kokesh and Macey Tomlin. About to embark on the biggest journey of a lifetime, building the first EVER Sapioponic Greenhouse. The Sapioponic Greenhouse is based around the Earthship idea. Adam Kokesh attended the Earthship academy, and has since purchased 11 acres in Ash Fork Arizona. Adam Kokesh is a Liberty activist Content creator, who wrote the book FREEDOM!. Together, they also plan to raise chickens, turkeys, and grow food.

Alma and Brian’s decision to take their son on the road has encouraged a future where he and others are able to find work when needed, a place to stay, a cold drink and some warm food, all without having to use the dreaded federal reserve note. A decentralized life, will allow the next generation to travel for work and play, while living a more free life. A life free of force, coercion, and aggression.

Alma drafted the Sapioponic Greenhouse with Adam and will be organizing volunteers you can email her at Brian will be working side by side with Adam on all parts of the project build. Contact for further questions or if interested in donating.

For more information regarding the Sapioponic Greenhouse?

Alma Sommer / Brian Stith Undocumented Human Bitcoin Tour
(480) 861-6070