Bitcoin with Davi Barker

Davi Barker Bitcoin Not Bombs

On our bitcoin tour, we met up with Davi Barker from Bitcoin not Bombs, the Muslim Agorist, and Shiny Badges. We spoke about bitcoin security, and how to store bitcoin safely.

We learned how important it is to not access the email associated with your bitcoin wallet from an open WiFi source. When attending events, it is smart to use your own WiFi, hotspot, internet connection, instead of a public WiFi. Hackers have somehow been able to steal information that is entered while using a public WiFi connection. If remembering not to enter passwords is hard, it would make sense to use an email account that is not linked to your wallet. Storing your bitcoin directly on your computer rather then using other internet sources, is also a much safer way to protect your finances.

Davi hooked us up with some more A^3 pins, so if you are interested in owning one, you can find us at the Bitcoin Summit, or the Texas Bitcoin Conference. I also purchased the new Bitcoin not Bombs t-shirt for the current hoodie the homeless campaign. If you are interested in supporting the campaign you can find out more info at

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One thought on “Bitcoin with Davi Barker

  1. If you use a VPN, open wifi can be okay. The VPN makes sure all your communication is encrypted. It is doable on cell phones and laptops, but requires a few more steps.

    If you’re using email that is unencrypted in any context, that can be a problem. Serious hackers can listen to cell phone frequencies. Your job is to make sure they only hear static.

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